Saturday, July 3, 2010

World Cup 2010

Alert! Alert! Alert

There is this new virus that cause a heavy fever to everyone not matter the gender, the age or the race.
Its the world cup fever!!
Anyway, 4 years once and everyone is sitting together watching the same thing cheering for their teams..okay maybe not everyone but almost everyone =)

Unfortunately this year's World Cup is just disappointing, but I guess it has always been the same.
Italy, France, and Brazil is out...what else? Spain? Argentina or Germany next?

Who knows maybe Uruguay will take the World Cup for year 2010.

Anyway, I just enjoy this moment where everyone has the same interest where cheering and shouting and screaming with cheers and despairs..

4 years once...this post is made 4 years once =)

Enjoy the upcoming matches.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Six = 6?

6 cm = short?
6 years old = young?
6 pieces = little?
6 ringgit = cheap?

How about 6 months?

Is it short or is it a long time?

For me it is neither one.

The figure seems like it has just been a short time. But the feeling in me seems like it has been a long time.

Why is that?

Once in awhile, you grow 6 cm, it seems short, Once in awhile, you eat 6 pieces of nugget, it seems little, Once in awhile, you spend 6 Ringgit, it seems cheap.


If everything change from once in awhile to everyday, will it seems more to you?

So in this 6 months, the figure shows me such a short time, but feeling tells me its been a long time is just because I get to see her everyday.

I think, some people by now will be thinking, the purpose I say this, does it means that seeing each other everyday is not a good thing?

I can tell you that, if you are a person who appreciate stuffs its a good thing and those who does not appreciate stuffs is not gonna be a good thing.

When someone appreciate another, we would rather or prefer to spend more time with that person and when we happens to see each other everyday, the feeling in us will allow us to think that we have see each other for a long time as compare to someone who does not meet often because they will be eager to wait for that day to come. Those days that is without that person will just pass without notice and good memories, as people will tends to remember the day that they meet more than the days alone thinking when to meet. For those who meets everyday, they will just wish that each day will not pass so soon and each time they thinks like that, good memories is all around in your brain.

This is the reason I come out with 6 months give me a short figure but long memories.

6 months of Love = never enough
6 months of Memories = never forget

This post is dedicated to you my love for going through with me all the ups and downs.
I'm not sure whether the things that I wrote above this is related to the matter but all I can say is that..
It has been 6 months, though the feeling is telling me that it has been a long time but time spent with you will never be enough.

I Love You.


Monday, May 31, 2010

Relaxing Sunday

Sunday is such a relaxing and beautiful day.
It wouldn't be perfect if it is without my girl, drinks and some snacks.

Environment is good and it is not too hot nor too cold just nice..
Feel just like as if I'm still in Australia

Peace =)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Legendary Penang

Penang is located up north of Malaysia.
Penang is famous with varieties of foods.
- Asam Laksa, Fried Kuay Teow, Rojak, Ice Kacang, Seafood, Fried Oyster Cake and many more -
I've been thinking for quite some time where to have my relaxing weekend with the one and only person that I mentioned before (My Everything). In this blog, she is finally revealed in public.
For those who enjoy driving, this is a good opportunity for you as it is a long journey.
For those who enjoy driving fast, it is a good opportunity as well as you can speed all way long, but look out for speed trap. Don't later come to me and say you got a speed trap because I said you can speed all way long.
For those who dislike driving, you better take a flight or a bus to the destination.
PS: Don't drive a long journey wearing a pair of sandals.

If any of you don't know the way to Penang via driving, GPS is gonna be very useful to you all but to tell the truth this GPS just din help me much other than bringing me to hotel and nothing more.
I can tell you that the bear is my best companion along the journey when my passenger is asleep. You can talk to him non stop and he will never thinks that you are very annoying.
After talking for a long time, you might want to change and give him a driving lesson. But you have to step on the gas and break pedal for him as his leg is not long enough.
PS: Please bring some snacks along so that you can munch on it while thinking bout those yummy food that is waiting for you in Penang.

We reached Penang at the best time for dinner, which is 7 pm but unfortunately it is still raining, Thus we went to the hotel for a check-in and wait for the sky to stop peeing. Head to Gurney Drive for those food up above. To make it short, just take a look at the picture and you will know the taste of the food by imagination.
Most importantly, and proudly present Hilary Ng.
Cam-whoring at our hotel's balcony. Phew, don't people just loves their reflections?
Another driving lesson for the bear which is the seat belt. Oops, I thought I should teach him wear seat belts first before driving(oh well). Normally when you do that while driving (taking picture I mean) I'm sure your passenger will say one thing to the driver "look in front while you are driving, not the camera!!"
Asam Laksa near Kek Lok Si Temple (AIR ITAM)
That is for our so called 2nd round of breakfast as we had our earlier breakfast in the hotel.
I've posted this Ice Kacang picture in my facebook and I've received an interesting comment on it from a friend.
Friend: "I can feel the sweetness between both the spoon" and both the spoon reflects to me and my dear.
Lorong Selamat's Fried Kuay Teow.
Our lunch, and we have waited for this freaking kuay teow for about 1 hour.
But I can tell you all that it is worth the wait.
Wanted to order another one after finishing it but I don't dare as we need to wait for 1 hour and 30 minutes now. Darn.

Anyway, went back to Gurney at night for dinner.
And, 2nd round of dinner at a Japanese restaurant in one of the Mall, can't remember the name of the mall.
Mirror taking picture is one of everyone's favorite way of taking picture.
Okay, I know I looks satisfied in this picture and its kinda "wai sek"
Had Penang Hokien mee before we head back to KL.
Good Bye Penang, we shall meet again some other time.


Here I come Ipoh!!!!
On the way back went to Ipoh for their famous "Ngar Choi Kai"
Satisfied with all the food and the trip.

I would like to take this opportunity to say that I Love You baby.

The End of The Legendary Penang.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Return of the Blogger Episode 3

The story begins when the blogger is to0 busy to blog. - 01/01/2010
That was his last blog until now.
Within the 4 months, no one knows what has happened to the blogger, no one knows where he went, no one knows what have him been up to, no one knows~~~~~
Except for one person,
-The person is his air when he breath, His courage when he is down, His happiness when he is sad, His guardian when he is lost, Basically his everything -

4 months later, that person told the blogger that its been awhile since the blogger blogs and that person wishes the blogger to continue his work as a blogger and there he is "The Return of the Blogger"

Good day,
Suddenly, I got this urge to blog again after 4 months and the first thing I would like to share to all of you is one quote "Pain is the best teacher to human" forgotten where I get this quote but I found it quite interesting and true.
Human normally won't learn until they experience it.

-For instance, no one will know if the chili is spicy until they try it. For some, they think is spicy and for some they don't think so. Spicy or not depends on each individual and it is not important, the important thing is how you going to deal with that chili "throw it away? or continue eating?" Definitely, when you throw it away, forever more you will not be able to eat spicy, But if you continue eating, definitely its gonna be spicy, thus it is the moment to think how to finish it "drink water? eat it with something else? share some with your buddies?" The more you eat the more resistance towards spicy-ness in the future-

Experiencing and testing is a very painful thing in the beginning, but also one thing that makes a person stronger in the end.

Enough of those lame philosophy..

Soon but not yet, I will post a journey to the food heaven (I think) the legendary Penang =)

Stay Tune.


Friday, January 1, 2010

First Post in Year 2010

Hello 2010.
This will be the first post for this year.
What I want to achieve?
That is it for this new year..
Wish everyone have a great one.


Last Post on Year 2009

Goodbye 2009
This is it.
The end of year 2009.
What have I achieved this year?
Graduated -
Found a Job -
Found a GF - My best achievement
Stayed in during Christmas and New Year Eve -
Guess that is all..
Goodnight everyone though the night is still young =)


PS: This is weird...its suppose to be 11 pm right now. Oh well
This blog is posted on 11 pm 31st December 2009